The Ambassadors

— Jenni Dicks

Ambassador My name is Jennifer, and I started my weight loss journey as most do in the new year. I went into January of 2021 with the same goal as always: to lose the weight I was still carrying from the year before. I quickly realized that this program was more rewarding than anything I had ever tried before, and it soon turned into more than just a “diet to lose the weight.” It became a lifestyle change for me. I have always been a person who struggles with self-confidence and my weight. Team Slay has given me a renewed confidence in not only my physical appearance but in myself in general. I love this new lifestyle, and with the guidance and confidence Team Slay has given me, I may even step on the stage as a competitor one day.
Jenni Dicks

Charina Baker

Team Slay Founder and IFBB Bikini Professional

Bikini Competition Prep & Lifestyle Coach - applying both industry experienced, science, intuition and behavioral management in guiding clients through their fitness journey. <br /> Professional Career: 10 years Human Resources Manager/Director in San Francisco Bay Area. Degree in Bachelor Science Administration.

Jamy Wade


Vision is the picture of the future that creates passion within her at present

Rosa Shelton

Lifestyle Ambassador

She was once a competitor and enjoyed her journey to stage. Her new goals is to inspire others through actions by sharing her journey and awareness to good health. Rosa is a busy mother and a professional but she is making sure to take her health as a priority.